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You might note that we have English as a main language here and 2 more translations (DE and IT). In fact you can have as many of them as you want. Actual category names were not translated for demo purposes but you can see added _de and _it just to show that descriptions are different.

Thumbs for different languages can have separate CTR stats so surfers from, lets say, Asia can pull out asian categories higher.

Special categories to demonstrate templates

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Popular thumbs

The script can mix any thumbs\categories\models and so on at any page.

You can change the way it outputs pagination or even write your own algorithm using PHP.

Tag cloud

Tag cloud based on the most used tags (keywords for videos), you can use White list to limit tags, or Blacklist to skip some tags if you want the script to autocreate tags.

Search log

This block shows what surfers are searching for at the

Text Categories


Traders List

Your toplist here. You can use it as usual by including templates from Settings - Toplist, or add a new tag right in template: domain1 domain64 domain73 and so on...